Natalie Floyd

Natalie serves as the medical consultant for the Saint Stylianos Orthodox Children’s Charities Inc.

The medical consultant does preliminary research and examines the existing data available related to the medical conditions of potential clients. This involves analyzing medical diagnosis and comparing it with symptoms, reviewing treatment administered thus far as well as medication being given, and coordinating care with the medical providers in the potential client’s country of origin. The medical consultant will also research the probable outcome of treatment (life saving versus improving quality of life for terminal clients).  With that information, the medical consultant submit a report in writing to board of directors. Additionally, an oral meeting may occur between the board and the medical consultant where the findings are discussed openly between the two.

Natalie is a Registered Nurse in the State of Kansas.  She has completed her BSN and Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification.  She has worked as a nurse in the hospital environment for over five.  Her main focus has been Surgical Telemetry which is in the field of cardio thoracic “step down” pre and post operative care. She currently works the night shift in the Emergency Room.

She has four daughters, and is very active in church and in parish life.  Her favorite quote is “What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”.