Theophilus Floyd

Theophilus Floyd is the President of the Board of Directors of the Saint Stylianos Orthodox Children’s Charities Inc.

The President of the Board shall convene regularly scheduled Board meetings, shall preside or arrange for other members of the executive committee to preside at each meeting in the following order: Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.  In particular, the President is responsible for:  governing the organization by establishing broad policies and objectives, ensuring the availability of adequate financial resources, approving annual budgets, seeing to the need to foster the company’s business relationships with suppliers, customers and others, weighing the impact of the company’s operations on the community and the environment, helping to recruit new members and develop succession plans for committee chairs, provide structure so that the work of the board and organization can be accomplished, Ensure that management tools are developed and implemented,working with committee chairs, and functioning as a link to the community and partners.

Having grown up as a ward of the State, Theophilus has an extremely soft spot in his heart for children.  Theophilus has spent the better part of his professional career aiding those in need, from the elderly in nursing homes and hospice, to young children in State custody through local mental health centers.  Theophilus is a self employed Graphic/Web designer and runs his own Web Hosting company and has more than seven years experience in the field.  Joining Saint Stylianos came as a natural extension of the various outreaches that Theophilus has dedicated himself to throughout the last several years.

His favorite Bible verse:  Psalm 91 (All of it!) 

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